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Austin + San Antonio Wedding

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer + Videographer duo

You're here because you're searching for the people or person who will tell the story of your wedding day. You're looking for the ones who you can fully trust your most special day with, because lets be honest; once the flowers are dead, your dress is dirty, and the party is over, all you'll have left to remember your incredible day is your photos + video(s). You deserve a photographer + videographer who care about your day as much as you do. Someone that will capture the emotions you experienced so vividly that you can be transported back to the very moment they happened!

we hope to be the storytellers for you.♡

San Antonio/Austin, Texas + New York
Wedding Photographer Videographer + Super 8mm Film

we're betty + jose!


hey! hey!

Travel Schedule

Denver, COlorado
Boston, MAssachusetts
Maui, Hawaii
Cancun, Mexico

I waive travel fees for any sessions booked during my time at any of the above locations!

August 1-4
September 12-15
November 1-4
December 4-9

insider tip:

value photography + videography as well the art of it, love a documentary approach/style, + live for the blurry and grainy moments

are down to get a little down and dirty, go on a hike, do some lifting and spinning, dance to Mama Mia and just straight up let your inner child loose and have some fun!

dont mind a little PDA, booty grabbing, snuggling + kissing all up on your partner! if you're down for a little steam and lots of hugging. if you don't mind the occasional f bomb and you're down for tequila shots!


You're my people if