i'm a 26 year old mama and the photographer half of 412xPhotography!!

i would consider myself an extroverted introvert! i can be a social butterfly in the right environment and truly with most of my couples you'll never even guess i'm introverted at all - but thats good because it means we're vibing hehe when i'm not out and about shooting and collecting beautiful moments, you can find me at a new coffee shop editing my little heart away, drinking strawberry matcha, going shopping with my little broke besties (my two toddlers haha), doing pilates or doing pole aerobics - which if you haven't tried, its freaking amazing, empowering, hard and the best workout i've ever had lol

my goal as your photographer is to capture your love. the genuine laughs + moments that make your heart flutter. during our time together i strive to make you feel comfortable + at home. i want you to look at your photos + travel back in time to the very moment i took them.

i love documenting love, intimacy, and romance that feels like a movie and evokes emotion every time you look at your photos, 412xPhotography is all about the intimate moments + raw love. i hope to be able to show you some time soon! ♡

hey guys! i'm 29 years old and the videographer half of 412xPhotography.

my wife betty started her journey in this business back in 2020 after having our son Matteo. soon after working a few weddings with her shooting super 8mm film, i realized i really loved the art and creativity that goes into video making and documenting once in a lifetime moments. also... the cool friendships, memories and traveling that comes with working with such awesome couples is a pretty cool bonus haha

i'm pretty laid back and a go with the flow kind of guy. i would say i'm personable and can start a conversation with just about anyone. some of my current obsessions are playing chess (i bug betty to play with me every day lol), hitting the gym, smoking some meat and spending time with our two kiddos. 

i'm always down for some tequila shots and you'll probably find me dragging betty to the dance floor to dance some merengue at some point!

since we will always ask about your story and how you + your lover met, we figured it was only fair we shared ours!

we met on our high school swim team (yep we're high school sweet hearts!!). Jose was a senior and I (Betty) was a sophomore. If we're being real - I knew what I wanted and went after it. after a teammate introduced us we got to talking a bit and that same night I sent him a friend request on facebook which Jose immediately accepted. after some horrible + embarrassing flirting we got each other's numbers and have been talking every day since. one month after we started dating, on April 12, 2013 (4.12) Jose asked me to be his girlfriend.

we got married in 2018 and on April 12, 2020 our first baby was born. so as you can see 412 is super important to us! 

I'm a big believer in angel numbers and signs from the universe, 412 is our personal angel number. 

hi there, we're betty + jose!

a little more about betty...

a little more about jose...

BASED IN Austin, TX 75% OF THE TIME + wherever you are THE OTHER 25% OF THE TIME!! ◡̈

a little more about us...

33.9057° N, 118.1259° W

fun facts about us

fun facts about jose

fun facts about betty

- i'm a first gen hispana
- i have a b.a. in political science from csu long beach 
- i love brunch
- Margaritas are my love language
- Going to shopping with my two broke besties is my fave pass time
- i love pole dancing/pole aerobics and mixing it with ballet core, my alter ego is: Betty the polerina hehe

- kinda a super hero...
blue collar worker during the weekdays
videographer during the weekends
- welding since I was 17yo
- ironworker for local 433
- I enjoy a good cigar here and there
- carajillo is my go-to drink

- we both speak spanish
- jose works a "day job" as an ironworker
- Betty is a stay at home mama to said little monsters
- we also have 2 fur babies 
Zoey who we rescued (6yo) + Archie, a golden doodle (1yo)
- we're originally from Los Angeles, CA and moved out of state to TExas in 2021
- We moved when betty was 9 months pregnant (it was crazy.. we know lol)